Let’s wipe out the past.

Hi, I’m Cait. I have thoughts. This is where they go.

Continuing from my first, ever-so-shaky attempts at Japanese indie blogging with Stars in the blue sky, BGM for modernica is potentially more of the same. What’s changed: despite my best efforts, SITBS became less of a place for me to write out my feelings on the music I listened to and more of an educational tool for people who had no clue what I was even talking about in the first place. And as much as I love to educate, so to speak, it became pretty tiring and not exactly what I’d originally set out to achieve.

So, to put it simply, I suppose my aim in writing now is to reach a balance between those two different approaches. More indie and more of the music I adore, but less stiff, purely informational blogging. More bizarre theories on the sounds I hear and the words I read. Still as properly researched as ever, but with more of myself in the conclusions I ultimately come to.

With that said, I really hope I’m interesting enough to pull this off.