No one is a lost cause.

First things first: Kago Ai tried to kill herself.

Old news, I guess.

That grossed me out to even type.

I went around and around with this post in the two or three days it took to write. Should I remain civil and neutral? Should I cover up what really has me reacting so strongly to this and pretend to be a concerned Kago Ai fan instead? (I like her well enough, but no.) Should I keep my thoughts brief out of respect for both her and myself?

It took a long time to decide and I came close to giving up on this draft at several points as I was writing it, but after talking it over with someone close to me, I realized I had a lot I needed to get off my chest on this topic. Maybe some will consider it appropriative of Kago’s circumstances, and I apologize if so. Some might even see it as combative due to how I’ve referenced other posts, but trust me, the last thing I’m interested in doing at a time like this is calling people out.

In any case, this is far from my usual. If all goes well, I will never speak of it on this blog again. For those who are interested in something a little weightier than Perfume fashion posts, however… keep reading.

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This isn’t really the “departure” I was hoping for.

The first and last time Hello! Project idol unit Buono! truly left an impression on me was probably three years ago. It was early 2008, shortly before Perfume, capsule and the J-electro scene as a whole would sweep me away and take me on a trip, take me on a ride. I was 16, and despite the fact that I was slowly being pulled towards other artists and genres, idols were still kind of the best thing ever to me.

I know, I know.

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