Perfect Stars, Pretty Style: August Edition!

It’s funny, but I actually wanted this to be a part-time fashion blog of sorts. Seeing as my overall “theme,” so to speak, concerns approaching music through lifestyle, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be unleashing my plethora of Japanese fashion magazine scans upon everyone, is there? (To be honest, I’d been hoping to post a little of my own style as well, but that is a challenge I don’t think I can face at this point in time, and certainly not while so comfortably situated in sleepwear as I tend to be most days.)

Basically, I caught wind last month that women’s fashion magazine Pretty Style (better known by its nickname “PS”) is officially set to cease publication as of their December 2011 issue which goes on sale November 1st. Though it’s only recently that I’ve started following these magazines, I’ve always appreciated the casual, everyday looks PS provides, and knowing its history — it originated as Petit Seven in 1977 — makes it a definite shame for me to see it go. PS has frequently been supportive of MEG and her myriad fashion endeavors, and amongst contemode folk, it’s probably best known for being the only style-centric magazine to showcase Perfume in their own serialized feature.

I’ve actually never looked very far into Perfume’s regular features with PS before, but with the magazine soon to come to a close, I figured now would be a good time to start! Thus, let us enjoy the time we have left with Perfume as they wear nice, predictably expensive clothes and talk amongst themselves about incredibly trivial topics. Such as:

Coinciding nicely with the Japanese release of Pixar’s Cars 2 (complete with all the requisite hoopla regarding the presence of “Polyrhythm” on its soundtrack), the girls of Perfume sat in to discuss the wonderful world of Disney. A~chan remains trapped in her grandmother’s closet, Nocchi puts her Kirin CM food and drink consumption training to good use, and Kashiyuka wins ALL THE POINTS for having arrived with these highly appropriate Mickey Mouse hair buns. So, what were their very honest and not in the least fabricated thoughts on the movie? Remember, this in no way geared towards promotional purposes!

N: The Italian car Luigi is so cute♥
K: His Japanese voice actor is Girolamo [Panzetta, a famous Italian TV talent in Japan]-san, so I can’t see Luigi as anyone other than Girolamo-san (laughs).
A: But you know, I can’t believe that our own “Polyrhythm” could be an insert song in Cars 2~!!

I kind of want to point out here that A~chan actually said “Cars 2, opening at the end of July…,” awkwardly sandwiched into what is otherwise meant to sound like a simple chat with friends. Nocchi and Kashiyuka want to talk about kawaii anthropomorphic Italian cars, but I’m pretty sure A~chan knows where it’s at. These dresses aren’t free, girls!

K: I couldn’t believe we were hearing it in a movie theater!!
N: Wa~~i!!
A: I love Disney movies because their music is always great, and it’s getting notice, so I’m especially happy~ ♥

It’s true — “Polyrhythm” is now the latest Disney classic to go down in the books, right alongside “Beauty and the Beast,” “A Whole New World,” and so many more.

K: Speaking of which, A~chan, you’ve been singing the songs from Tangled a lot lately, haven’t you?
A: Yeah, it was really good when I saw it in the theater, and I’ve even bought the soundtrack!! Though, I’ve seen a lot of Disney films over the years, but my favorite has to be Hercules. And above all, the heroine Meg’s Japanese voice actress is Kudo Shizuka-san!! I love Kudo-san’s songs so much, and I watch them over and over, and I made my own lyric sheets (laughs). Meg is in love with Hercules, but she was betrayed by her lover in the past and became distrustful of men.

Here, have another awkward info dump you didn’t ask for! A~chan takes her business partnership with Disney very seriously, it seems. Is Hercules scheduled to come out of the vault any time soon?

K: Hey, sing it, sing it!!
A: [mimicking Kudo’s voice] “Shinjite~♪” [standing up, singing, dancing…]
N: Kyahahahaha~ (laughs)
K: How funny~ (laughs) Watching you sing and dance like that, it makes me want to rent the DVD straight away.

Aww. Well, that’s one DVD rental counted so far. Thank you, Kashiyuka.

(For the record, Nocchi appears to be obsessed with Finding Nemo and Kashiyuka’s favorite Disney movie is some Christmas thing I’ve never heard of.)

Under normal circumstances, I’d probably take this time to highlight a handful of the coordinates I found especially to my liking as I was browsing through these scans. Sadly, that is not the case today, because GIMP ate my file. So, in exchange, have this inexplicable foray into Domoto Tsuyoshi’s strange and evidently highly fashionable facial hair. ‘Til next month!



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